Guidolicktenstein’s second post on government assistance.


(This is an article that was written in conjunction with another blog entry I wrote called, “Welfare is sucking this country dry!”  Link:

Some people believe that it is easy to get on Social Security Disability and that you can get disability benefits for any old reason.  I work with folks on Social Security Disability everyday.  I know their stories and how they came to receive that assistance each month.  The system is not as some suppose.

Social Security Disability is determined on one primary issue.  Can the individual be gainfully employed?  Can they work enough in any capacity to support themselves?  The applicants physical health and/or mental health symptoms are examined in light of how significantly they interfere with the applicant’s ability to work.  The standard of impediment and proof are high.

Until the last few years, applying for Social Security Disability was a long, frustrating process.  Each application would take…

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