About this blog

Kansas’ story is political. Since the beginning, Kansas has served as a microcosmic battleground for the nation’s attitudes on civil rights and justice. There may only be a few million people in our state, but we’re in the heart of this country, and the rest of the nation is watching us.

You’d never guess it from how our state is portrayed in the national media, but the residents of Kansas are a varied lot. This blog is a nonpartisan space for a variety of Kansans to express their views on Kansas politics and the state or local levels.

While the authors here may not always agree with each other, they do agree that it’s important to have a conversation and to voice ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

Comments are welcome but will be moderated. Name-calling, finger-pointing, and generally rude behavior (with no facts to back it up) will not be tolerated.

Old Hwy 50, between Emporia and Ottawa.


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