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Guidolicktenstein’s second post on government assistance.


(This is an article that was written in conjunction with another blog entry I wrote called, “Welfare is sucking this country dry!”  Link:

Some people believe that it is easy to get on Social Security Disability and that you can get disability benefits for any old reason.  I work with folks on Social Security Disability everyday.  I know their stories and how they came to receive that assistance each month.  The system is not as some suppose.

Social Security Disability is determined on one primary issue.  Can the individual be gainfully employed?  Can they work enough in any capacity to support themselves?  The applicants physical health and/or mental health symptoms are examined in light of how significantly they interfere with the applicant’s ability to work.  The standard of impediment and proof are high.

Until the last few years, applying for Social Security Disability was a long, frustrating process.  Each application would take…

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An interesting post about the realities of many recipients of government assistance from a blogger who works with the poor and the homeless on a daily basis.


Recently I read a blog entry by a brainy friend that left me thinking, “Really?”  The article was on the Kansas Lottery and showed how many Kansans believe that (from the beginning) the lottery revenue was promised to go to education.  In actuality…it never was.  Huh?  How can I think something for so many years and it be inaccurate?

Which leads me to the topic of today’s post…Welfare.  I have folks comment on a regular basis about the number of people on Welfare.  Their perspective is that there are a lot of lazy freeloaders on Welfare that are living high-on-the-hog on the government’s dime.

My response is: Huh?  You see I work with poor folks on a daily basis.  I daily work with the very system that would provide said “welfare”.  In my experience, “welfare” is not at all like most folks think!

The first thing I usually ask is: “To what are you referring…

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A blogger expresses his views on the upcoming Westboro Baptist Church’s protest in Ottawa, Kansas.

“Fred Phelps says that God hates fags. Even if we conclude that God hates homosexuality, Phelps’ conclusion is wrong. Romans 5:8 says, “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” That’s my model. No matter what others are doing around you…love like Jesus loved.”


I am such a girl!  I like the show, Glee.  A lot.  Now I could keep it a closet secret, but I don’t care what people think.  I’ll shout it from the mountain tops!  I LIKE GLEE!

Part of the reason that I like this show is because it has characters who don’t have it all together and who struggle with life issues everyday.  One of the characters in the show is Kurt.

In the third episode of season one (about 40 minutes in), Kurt states that he is gay.  It is his first time to tell someone.  With tears, he tells his close friend, Mercedes, in the hallway at their school.

The actor who plays Kurt did a great job with this scene.  He portrays how scary it would be in such a situation.

In episode four, of season one (about 37 minutes and 30 seconds…

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