Shun The Nonbeliver

Shun The Nonbeliever is the username of a man living in Northeast Kansas with his wife and child. I have no political party affiliation. I certainly have no religious affiliation. My allegiance is to humanity as a whole. In recent years, I have become more and more vocal about my contempt for religion and its influence in shaping public policy. I engage in conversations regarding religion and politics when appropriate. I always try to choose my battle wisely. However, sometimes it is thrust upon me and I have no choice but to be honest.

After some folks were discussing religion at work (which is against company policy, but I didn’t start it), I was asked for my two cents. A co-worker then asked me, “So, you’re an atheist?” Thinking about it, it’s such a negative word, and still doesn’t adequately describe the ridicule I feel for religion and what it does to those who I firmly believe have the best intentions. I could only respond, “Honey, there isn’t a word strong enough for what I am.” The looks on their faces were priceless.

Keep the comments clean, polite, adult, and frequent.

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